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Our company has always concentrated on the research and development of large diameter DTH hammer for many years, particularly the cluster DTH hammer with large diameter. What’s more, its successful application has greatly reduced the cost of construction and highly increased the efficiency and benefit, which realized the goal of drilling construction with high efficiency, great benefit and environmentally- friendly protection!

From the perspective of customers, we have personally customize the comprehensive solution and one-stop service, and it is trusted by friends!

科技創新, 合作共贏!
We have researched, developed and sold DTH hammer, multi-functional pile machine, double-rotary driller, and obtained many national patents with independent intellectual property rights.

The long auger equipped with DTH hammer technology has solved the difficult problem of drilling construction. The application of rotary excavator with extra diameter DTH hammer has greatly saved the cost of construction unit.

Sharing Zhenyu’s technology, equipment, financial leasing services have solved the customer financial problem.
Zhenyu equipment housekeeper service, it is fast and professional to solve the problem of equipment maintenance.

The development and application of the Internet has realized the use of nearby machines, maintenance, remote monitoring and intelligent construction.

The R&D center and equipment factory is located in Huahai Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou. The production base is located in Yingfu Industrial Park, Qingyuan.

潛孔錘在岩石等複雜地層的樁基礎施工中的應用。潛孔錘以其卓越的鑿岩能力和鑽進效率已得到基礎施工行業的廣泛認可。近幾年,在國內外樁基工程領域,麵對卵礫石層、風化孤石、岩石夾層、基岩地層等複雜地層,通過對長螺旋樁機配大孔徑潛孔錘,潛孔鑽具總成,進行樁基施工,既增強了設備的適應能力,又解決了硬岩地層施工效率低下的問題,潛孔錘已經成為了樁基施工中必不可少的利器。  大直徑潛孔錘在樁基礎施工中的優勢:快捷,方便,成孔成本低,成孔質量好。
DTH hammer drill rig
The diameter of the rock is 300MM--1500MM. The hole depth is 10 meters - 38 meters. Welcome to call Liugong at 13725366863.
The detailed introduction of DTH hammer with long auger pile foundation construction and equipment.
Application of DTH Hammer in Pile Foundation Construction of Complex Strata. DTH hammers have been widely recognized by the foundation construction industry for their excellent rock drilling capacity and drilling efficiency. In recent years, in the field of pile foundation engineering at home and abroad, facing with complex layers such as gravel layer, weathered rock, rock interlayer, bedrock formation, etc., through the long spiral pile machine with large-aperture DTH hammer, the construction of pile foundation not only enhances the adaptability of the equipment, but also solves the problem of low construction efficiency of hard rock formations. The down-the-hole hammer has become an indispensable tool in pile foundation construction. The advantages of large diameter DTH hammer in the pile foundation construction are as followed: quick, convenient, low cost, good effect.


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