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Guangzhou Zhenyu Machinery Zhenning Foundation Engineering Equipment R&D Center specializes in DTH hammer rock technology, applying multi-functional pile frame, long auger, rotary drilling rig and other supporting DTH hammer technologies to realize efficiently rock drilling. The picture shows Zhenyu down-hole hammer rock technology at the construction site of Haihua Island, Hainan.

The application of the DTH hammer rock drilling construction has become more and more popular in the foundation construction. Particularly the application in the pebble layer, rock layer, micro-weathering strata, red rock, moderately weathering strata and intense-weathering strata have solved the construction progress and quality problems. Guangzhou Zhenyu Machinery, Zhenning Basic Project R&D Center will provide comprehensive solution according to the actual specification of customers.

Guangzhou Zhenyu Machinery Zhenning Basic Engineering Equipment R&D Center combines the the cluster DTH hammer technology that researched and developed by South Korean has welcomed by friends at home and abroad due to its low-cost and energy saving.


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